27 May 2019,
  • HSI:
    27,323.09 55.96 (0.21%)
    10,433.93 32.82 (0.32%)
    35,290.97 99.64 (0.28%)
    108.27 -0.97 (-0.89%)
  • HSCEI:
    10,445.54 44.43 (0.43%)
    4,250.26 -5.29 (-0.12%)
    9,207.95 35.04 (0.38%)
    16,119.71 20.07 (0.12%)
  • Hang Seng Index
  • 27,323.09

  • 55.96 (0.21%)
HSCI 10,433.9 32.8
HKSPLC25 35,291.0 99.6
HKSPGEM 108.3 -1.0
HSCEI 10,445.5 44.4
HSCCI 4,250.3 -5.3
HSFML25 9,208.0 35.0
H-FIN 16,119.7 20.1
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Lerthai Group Limited (00112.HK)

Real Estate




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+ More Press Releases
LT Commercial Real Estate Limited (00112.HK) is a Hong Kong-listed company under China Lerthai Commercial Real Estate Group, with a focus on commercial real estate development and construction. Its core products are inter-provincial trade, cultural and sports infrastructure projects under the names of "Lerthai Center", "Lerthai City" and "Lerthai Plaza". It is committed to becoming a global leader in the commercial real estate industry, promoting urban economic and social development and improving the quality of life of residents, thereby achieving its vision of "Handle World's Commercial Real Estate , Change City's Quality Of Life".....
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Mr. Lee, Vincent Marshall Kwan Ho - Non-Executive Director

Mr. Lee is currently the Chairman of Tung Tai Group, an Independent Non-Executive Director of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (stock code: 388) and an Independent Non-Executive Director of Kingway Brewery Holdings Limited (stock code: 124).

Ms. Dai, Hui - Non-Executive Director

Ms. Dai is currently the Non-Executive Director and the member of the investment committee of LT Commercial Real Estate Limited (stock code: 112). Ms. Dai joined China Lerthai Commercial Real Estate Group Limited in 2009 and is currently the financial controller of China Lerthai Commercial Real Estate Holdings Limited. Prior to October 2009, Ms. Dai was the financial controller of Hebei Baolongcang Commercial Chain Operators Co., Ltd.* (河北保龙仓商业连锁经营有限公司) from 1996 to 2009. Ms. Dai has over 11 years of experience in corporate financing and accounting management. Ms. Dai obtained a Master of Business Administration degree from The Open University of Hong Kong in 2007 and is currently attending an Executive Master of Business Administration program at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Ms. Dai is also the CEO and Director of Canadian subsidiary of the Company.

Ms. Shek, Pui Michelle - Independent Non-Executive Director

Ms. Shek has been admitted to the roll of solicitors by the High Court of Hong Kong in 2006 and the Supreme Court of England and Wales in 2009, repectively. Ms Shek has over 12 years of experience in legal profession.

Ms. Zhang Yan - Executive Director

Ms. Zhang, aged 43, is currently the vice president of the Group, responsible for the financial operations, financing, accounting activities, taxation of the Group. She is well experienced in cost control, taxation, financing and business operations and successfully issued the first Asset-backed Securities (ABS) without single subject credit rating.She is Vice Chairman of Promoting Development Alliances. She serves China Lerthai for over 15 years. Ms. Zhang holds a master’s degree in business administration and a law degree awarded by People’s University of China. Ms. Zhang was a committee of People’s Congress Standing of Lubei District of Tangshan. Ms. Zhang was also a permanent member of Tangshan Tsinghua University Alumni Association and a member of Hebei Association of Women Entrepreneurs.

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Audit and Risk Management Committee

Wong, Tat Keung (Chairman)
Wan, Kah Ming
Wong, Hon Kit

Remuneration Committee

Wong, Hon Kit (Chairman)
Yang, Longfei
Wong, Tat Keung

Nomination Committee

Wong, Tat Keung (Chairman)
Yang, Longfei
Wong, Hon Kit

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Yang, Longfei (Chairman)
Zhang, Yan
Yang, Shao Ming

Procedures for Shareholders to Propose a Person for Election as a Director
Articles of Association
Role and Function of Individual Director


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Listed Date 06 Dec 1972

Address Room 3303, Tower Two, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Admiralty , Hong Kong

Telephone (852) 2530 3313

Facsimile (852) 3102 9203

Email info@lth.com.hk

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