10 Apr 2021,
  • HSI:
    28,938.74 560.39 (1.97%)
    11,217.41 245.37 (2.24%)
    43,918.15 521.55 (1.20%)
    143.16 6.25 (4.57%)
  • HSCEI:
    11,217.41 245.37 (2.24%)
    4,103.17 1.09 (0.03%)
    10,081.64 228.74 (2.32%)
    16,927.62 109.22 (0.65%)
HSCI 11,217.4 245.4
HKSPLC25 43,918.2 521.6
HKSPGEM 143.2 6.3
HSCEI 11,217.4 245.4
HSCCI 4,103.2 1.1
HSFML25 10,081.6 228.7
H-FIN 16,927.6 109.2
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D&G Technology Holding Company Limited (01301.HK)

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The history of the business can be traced back to 1999 when Beijing D&G Machinery Company Limited was established to manufacture and sell asphalt mixing plants in the PRC, conduct research and development, and provide various ancillary services.

In order to better and more efficiently serve the customers in Southern China, the Company established the second manufacturing facility in Shenzhen in 2003. In 2006, in view of (i) the increasing market demand for asphalt mixing plants, (ii) the strategic plan to further expand the business; and (iii) the fact that the Beijing and Shenzhen manufacturing facilities were already heavily utilised at that time, the Company established the third manufacturing facility, which was larger than the Beijing facility and the Shenzhen facility combined in terms of floor space, in Langfang, Hebei Province. The Company then gradually transferred the various manufacturing and research and development activities from Beijing D&G Machinery Company Limited to Langfang D&G Machinery Technology Company Limited. In order to take advantage of the economies of scale in manufacturing and to streamline the corporate structure for more efficient and centralised management, the Company also gradually transferred the business in Shenzhen D&G Machinery Company Limited back to Langfang D&G Machinery Technology Company Limited...
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Mr. CHOI Hung Nang (蔡鴻能) - Executive Director & Chairman

Supervising the operations of the Group, planning the business and marketing strategies.

Ms. CHOI Kwan Li, Glendy (蔡群力) - Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer

Overseeing the corporate management of the Group and implementing its business and marketing strategies and plans.

Mr. LIU Tom Jing-zhi (劉敬之) - Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer

Overseeing the operation of manufacturing facilities and implementation of projects.

Mr. YU Rong Hua (俞榮華) - Executive Director & General Manager (Strategy and Planning)

Overseeing the implementation of business strategies and plans.

Mr. CHOI Hon Ting, Derek (蔡翰霆) - Executive Director

Overseeing the strategic business development of the Group.

Mr. LAO Kam Chi (劉金枝) - Executive Director & General Manager (Sales and Marketing)

Managing and implementing sales and marketing strategies.

Mr. CHAN Lewis (陳令紘) - Non-Executive Director

Participating in the formulation of corporate and business strategies.

Mr. TO Kwong Yeung (杜光揚) - Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

Overseeing the financial planning and management, internal control, investor relations and company secretarial matters of the Group.

Mr. ZHAO Xiong Zhi (趙雄志) - Chief Technology Officer

Overseeing technical and product research and development.

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List of Directors and their Role and Function
Procedures for Election of Directors
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Audit committee

Mr. O’Yang Wiley (Chairman)
Mr. Lee Wai Yat, Paco
Mr. Li Zongjin
Mr. Fok Wai Shun, Wilson

Remuneration committee

Mr. Fok Wai Shun, Wilson (Chairman)
Ms. Choi Kwan Li, Glendy
Mr. O’Yang Wiley

Nomination Committee

Mr. Choi Hung Nang (Chairman)
Mr. Li Zongjin
Mr. Lee Wai Yat, Paco

Risk Management Committee

Ms. Choi Kwan Li, Glendy (Chairman)
Mr. O’Yang Wiley
Mr. Fok Wai Shun, Wilson
Mr. Liu Tom Jing-Zhi
Mr. Chung Man Lai



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Listed Date 27 May 2015

Address 7/F., Hing Lung Commercial Building, 68-74 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong SAR, China

Telephone (852) 2542-2872

Facsimile (852) 2541-9078

Email info@dgtechnology.com

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