22 May 2019,
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HSCI 10,647.5 12.9
HKSPLC25 35,790.8 84.5
HKSPGEM 110.4 -0.7
HSCEI 10,647.5 12.9
HSCCI 4,318.7 16.8
HSFML25 9,407.7 6.9
H-FIN 16,507.6 110.2
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Huabao International Holdings Limited (00336.HK)

Consumer Products




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Huabao International Holdings Limited (Huabao Group) is primarily engaged in the R&D, production and sales of flavors and fragrances and RTL. The Group is a market leader in China's flavors and fragrances industry. The Group has been the leading producer in terms of sales revenue among competitors...
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Ms. Chu Lam Yiu - Chairman and Executive Director

Ms. CHU Lam Yiu, the Chairman of the Board, CEO, Executive Director and the chairman of Nomination Committee of the Company, served as a member of the Board since March 2004. Ms. Chu is experienced in formulating strategies and making executive decisions on business operation, investments and market development. She is currently a member of the Fifth Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Committee (Shenzhen, Guangdong province).

Mr. Poon Chiu Kwok - Executive Director and Company Secretary

Mr. POON Chiu Kwok, an Executive Director, Vice President and the Company Secretary of the Company, served as a member of the Board since March 2004. Mr. Poon was awarded the postgraduate diploma in laws by the University of London. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in laws and a Bachelor’s degree in business studies and a Master’s degree in international accounting. He is a member of the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute, a fellow member of  both  The Institute of  Chartered  Secretaries  and  Administrators  and  The  Hong  Kong  Institute of Chartered Secretaries and a member of its Technical Consultation Panel. Mr. Poon worked in the Listing Division of the Stock Exchange on regulatory matters. He then served as an executive director and managing director of several investment banks. Mr. Poon has over 24  years of  experience in  regulatory affairs.

Mr. Xia Li Qun - Executive Director, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

 Mr. XIA Li Qun, Vice Chairman, an Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer and a member of the Remuneration Committee of the Company, has been a member of the Board since September 2006. Mr. Xia holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics and is a certified accountant, certified tax specialist and certified appraiser in China.  Mr. Xia has over 20 years of financial and corporate management experience.  He previously worked in domestic accounting firms in China and was a senior management member of a foreign invested enterprise in China. Mr. Xia is currently the honorary chairman of the Shanghai Food Additive Trade Association.

Mr. Xiong Qing - Executive Director

Mr. XIONG Qing, a Vice President of the Company, joined the Group since May 2007. Mr. Xiong majored in international accounting from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in economics and he is also an EMBA degree holder of INSEAD in France. Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Xiong worked in several international investment banks for years. He has extensive experiences with Chinese enterprises and international capital market.

Mr. Lee Luk Shiu - Independent Non-executive Director and Member of Audit Committee

Mr. Lee Luk Shiu is a fellow member of ACCA and an associate member of HKICPA. Mr. Lee is the senior consultant of an investment bank. Mr. Lee has about 25 years of ample experience in commercial accounting and corporate finance. Mr. Lee has principally engaged in corporate finance and regulatory aspects in the Stock Exchange. Mr. Lee was an Assistant Vice President of the Listing Division of the Stock Exchange, and his duties included regulating and monitoring the Hong Kong listed companies in relation to their compliance with the Listing Rules and processing new listing applications.

Ms. Ma Yun Yan - Independent Non-executive Director, Member of Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee

Ms. Ma Yun Yan graduated from the Law School of Peking University in 1984 and qualified as a lawyer in China in 1986. Ms. Ma has been dedicated to teaching and doing research in the Law School in relation to international commerce and investment aspects for 10 years. She is now the Partner of Shu Jin Law Firm. Ms. Ma has extensive experience in the legal field in relation to the capital markets, including investments, acquisition and mergers, issuance of securities etc, and has lead-managed the issuance of shares and convertible bonds and major restructuring of numerous listed companies such as China Vanke Co., Ltd., China Petroleum Jilin Chemical Engineering Construction Co. Ltd., China Merchants Property Development Co., Ltd., Wisesoft Co., Ltd., shares of are listed in the PRC stock exchanges, and also AAC Acoustic Technologies Holdings Inc., Vital BioTech Holdings Limited and Shenzhen High-Tech Holdings Limited, shares of which are listed on main board of the Stock Exchange. Ms. Ma was one of the members of the Fourth Listing Committee of Shenzhen Stock Exchange and retired an Independent Non-executive Director of Shenzen Laibao Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. upon expiry of term. Mr. Ma is now a member of the First Growth Enterprises Board Public Offering Review Committee of China Securities Regulatory Committee and an Independent Non-executive Director of Rainbow Department Store Co., Ltd., listed in Shenzhen stock exchange.

Mr. LAM Ka Yu - Executive Director

Mr. LAM Ka Yu, an executive Director of the Company, Mr. Lam joins the Company since November 2013 as the Non-executive Director of the Company. Mr. Lam in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. He is currently the managing director and legal representative of private company, which is principally engaged in e-commence business in China. Mr. Lam previously served as a director and the general manager of a company engaged in advertising media business and a director of a non-profit foundation in China.

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Executive Directors
Ms. CHU Lam Yiu (Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer)
Mr. XIA Li Qun (Vice Chairman)
Mr. POON Chiu Kwok (Company Secretary)
Mr. XIONG Qing (Chief Financial Officer)
Mr. LAM Ka Yu
Independent Non-executive Directors

Mr. LEE Luk Shiu
Ms. MA Yun Yan
Mr. WU Chi Keung

Audit Committee

Mr. LEE Luk Shiu (Chairman)
Ms. MA Yun Yan
Mr. WU Chi Keung

Remuneration Committee

Mr. LEE Luk Shiu (Chairman)
Ms. MA Yun Yan
Mr. WU Chi Keung
Mr. XIA Li Qun

Nomination Committee

Ms. CHU Lam Yiu (Chairwoman)
Mr. LEE Luk Shiu
Mr. WU Chi Keung

Memorandum of Association and Bye-laws
Procedures for Shareholders to propose a person for election as a Director of the Company
Shareholders Communication Policy


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Listed Date 22 Jan 1992

Address Suite 3008, 30/F, Central Plaza,
18 Harbour Road, Wanchai,
Hong Kong

Telephone (852) 2185-1233

Facsimile (852) 2511-8229

Email jason.wong@huabao.com.hk

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