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Zhengye International Holdings Company Limited (03363.HK)

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Zhengye International Holdings Company Limited (“Zhengye International” or the “Company”, with its subsidiaries, collectively the “Group”, stock code: 3363) is a large-scale enterprise that integrates the process of waste paper recycling, manufacturing eco-friendly wrapping paper and packing products and provides a comprehensive service for paper packaging. Since the company established in 1999, Zhengye International has developed into the largest packaging manufacturer in domestic air-conditioner and one of the largest paper-based packaging production enterprise in China.

To maintain a sustaining growth for the business in domestic market and combine with large home appliance manufacturer in domestic investment, Zhengye International has established wholly-owned subsidiaries located in cities of Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Shijiazhuang and Jingzhou respectively. It marked the Group in rapid expansion under the establishment many production bases in Southern China and Central China.
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Mr. Hu Hanchao - Chairman and Executive Director

Mr . Hu Hanchao joined our Group in 2003 and he was appointed as a Director in September 2010 then was designated as an executive Director in March 2011 and appointed as vice chairman in November 2012. Mr. Hu Hanchao is responsible for the daily operations management of the Group and supervised the daily comprehensive operation management in paper division. He has been involved in corporate management for more than 28 years. Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Hu Hanchao was the deputy general manager at Zhongshan City Zhong Fa Equipment Rental Company Limited from 2000 to 2003 responsible for the overall operational management of the business and before that he was the assistant manager of Xinhua Bookshop from 1985 to 1994. In August 1985, Mr. Hu Hanchao graduated from Zhongshan Municipal Communist Party Cadre School* (中山市幹部學校).

Mr. Hu Hancheng - Joint Chief Executive Officer, Vice Chairman and Executive Director

Mr. Hu Hancheng has been appointed an executive Director since 4 March 2011. He is also the chief executive officer and vice-chairman of the Company. Mr. Hu Hancheng is also the president of the packaging division of the Group in charge of the management and operation of the packaging division. Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Hu Hancheng was the general manager of a PRC packaging products manufacturing factory from 1997 to 2003 responsible for the overall operational management of the business. Mr. Hu Hancheng is currently the vice president of Zhongshan Association of Packaging Industry. In January 1995, Mr. Hu Hancheng completed an economic management program at the Guangdong Polytechnic College* ( 廣東省工程職業技術學院 ) formerly known as Guangdong Province Adult Technology University* ( 廣東省成人科技大學 ).

Mr. Hu Zheng - Joint Chief Executive Officer, Vice Chairman and Executive Director

Mr. Hu Zheng is the chairman of the Board and one of the founders of the Group. Mr. Hu Zheng is responsible for overseeing the overall corporate management, operation and development planning of the Group. Mr. Hu Zheng has been involved in the paper-making and packaging industries for more than 20 years during which he has acquired proven expertise in paper-making and packaging technologies while working at paper-making and packaging-related enterprises. Mr. Hu Zheng graduated from the Guangdong Foshan Vocational College ( 廣東佛山職業技術學院 ) (formerly known as Guangdong Foshan Region Agricultural Mechanical College* ( 廣東省佛山地區農業機械化學校 ) in October 1981 and completed a Master of Business Administration at the Macau University of Science and Technology ( 澳門科技大學 ) in August 2001. Mr. Hu Zheng obtained the professional qualification as an assistant engineer ( 助理工程師 ) awarded by Zhongshan Science and Technology Committee* ( 中山市科學技術委員會 ) in June 1988.

Mr. Hu Hanxiang - Non-executive Director

Mr. Hu Hanxiang was graduated from 廣東省經濟管理幹部學院 (Guangdong Province Economic Management Bureau College*) in July 1986, and has worked for the Guangdong Provincial Light Industry Bureau for 20 years. He was the department chief of the Personnel Affairs and Education Department of Guangdong Provincial Light Textile Industry Office from 1995 to 2000, responsible for human resources management.

Mr. Chung Kwok Mo John - Independent Non-executive Director

Mr. Chung Kwok Mo John joined the Company as an independent non-executive Director on 4 March 2011. Mr. Chung has acted as the chief financial officer of Xiwang Sugar Holdings Company Limited (stock code: 2088) since May 2008. Mr. Chung has over 19 years of experience in auditing, financial management and corporate finance. Mr. Chung was an auditor in an international accounting firm during 1992 to 1999. Since 2000, Mr. Chung had held several senior management positions, including chief financial officer, executive director and independent non-executive director, in listed companies in Hong Kong. Mr. Chung obtained a Bachelor of Economics degree from Macquarie University, Australia in April 1992. Mr. Chung first became a member of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants in February 1996 and that of CPA Australia in November 1995.

Mr. Zhu Hongwei - Independent Non-executive Director

Mr. Zhu Hongwei joined the Company as an independent non-executive director on 4 March 2011. He was an independent director of Guangdong Hydropower Engineering Group Company Limited during the period from September 2003 to December 2009. Mr. Zhu was an associate professor of Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University from February 2006 to December 2010 after which he has been appointed as a professor. He has in-depth knowledge in corporate management, having received tertiary education and undertaken faculty and research positions at various universities. Mr. Zhu graduated from Sichuan University (四川大學) with a Bachelor of Science degree in July 1983 and holds a Master of Science degree awarded by Zhejiang University (浙江大學) formerly known as Hangzhou University (杭州大學) in June 1990 and a doctorate degree in corporate management awarded by Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (中南財經政法大學) in June 2000.

Mr. Wu Youjun - Independent Non-executive Director

Mr. Wu Youjun joined the Company as an independent non-executive director on 4 March 2011. Mr. Wu was the vice supervisor of the Guangzhou Representative Office of Ng & Shum Solicitors & Notaries of Hong Kong and acted as its head of the China Department from 1994 to 1998 and advised state-owned enterprises regarding overseas investments, mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Wu is currently chairman of the Guangdong Branch of Yinji Bank of Investment Guarantee Company Limited (銀基擔保有限公司) since May 2008. Mr. Wu has received tertiary education with proven knowledge in law and finance. Mr. Wu studied industrial enterprises management at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (西南財經大學) and graduated in June 1989, and studied banking and currencies at the Jinan University (暨南大學) and graduated in January 1998, followed by a Master of Business Administration degree from the Macau University of Science and Technology in October 2001.

Audit Committee
Remuneration Committee
Nomination Committee
Risk Management Committee
Memorandum of Association
List of Directors and their Role and Function
Procedures for a Shareholder to Propose a Person for Election as a Director
Shareholders' Communication Policy
Audit Committee

The audit committee consists of three independent non-executive Directors, namely Mr. Chung Kwok Mo John, Mr. Zhu Hongwei and Mr. Wu Youjun. Mr. Chung Kwok Mo John is the Chairman of the audit committee.

Remuneration Committee

Remuneration Committee consists of four members, namely Mr. Chung Kwok Mo John, Mr. Hu Zheng, Mr. Wu Youjun and Mr. Zhu Hongwei. Mr. Chung Kwok Mo John is the Chairman of the remuneration committee.

Nomination Committee

Nomination Committee consists of four members, namely Mr. Chung Kwok Mo John, Mr. Zhu Hongwei, Mr. Wu Youjun and Mr. Hu Zheng. Mr. Hu Zheng is the Chairman of the Nomination committee.



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Listed Date 03 Jun 2011

Address Suite 1404, 14/F, Jubilee Centre
18 Fenwick Street,
Wanchai, Hong Kong

Telephone (852) 2877 7721

Facsimile (852) 2877 7720

Email info@zhengye-cn.com

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