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Tianda Pharmaceuticals Limited (00455.HK)

Health Care
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Tianda Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Tianda Pharmaceuticals) is engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sales of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare products.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Tianda Pharmaceuticals has set up sales and distribution centres in Shenzhen and Sydney, and established two pharmaceutical R&D and production bases in Zhuhai and Kunming. Both production bases are awarded Good Manufacturing Practice ("GMP") certifications issued by China Food and Drug Administration ("CFDA"). The production base in Zhuhai is even awarded GMP certification by Therapeutic Goods Administration ("TGA") of Australia.

Tianda Pharmaceuticals is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 00455.HK). Tianda Group is its controlling stakeholder with a 55.56% stake.
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Mr. Alan Fang -

Mr Fang is the Executive Director, Chairman and Managing Director, the chairman of the nomination committee and a member of the remuneration committee and the risk management committee of Tianda Pharmaceuticals Limited, as well as a director of the Group’s certain subsidiaries. Mr. Fang is the founder, chairman and beneficial owner of Tianda Group Limited, the controlling shareholder of the Company. Mr. Fang He is also the chairman of the board of directors, General Manager and authorised representative of Tianda Culture Holdings (China) Limited (listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations Systems in Shenzhen, NEEQ Company Code: 837889). He has extensive experience in corporate strategy and management. He studied International Relations in the University of Sydney and Tsinghua University. Mr. Fang has established a non-governmental organisation “Tianda Institute”, a think tank of political studies. With the mission of “Care for a Better World”, Mr. Fang commits in community support, including poverty alleviation, education, medical, scientific research, environmental protection and culture.

Mr. Warwick Lui -

Executive Director of Tianda Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Deputy General Manager of Tianda Group, Mr. Lui is responsible for the financial issues of Tianda Group and Tianda Phamaceuticals Ltd. Mr. Lui possesses enriched financial management experience covering a variety of industries including auditing in one of the big four accounting firms in Hong Kong and overseeing the finance department of a HK-listed company. Mr. Lui holds an Executive MBA granted by City University of Hong Kong; a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Mr. Wang Jiarun -

Executive Deputy General Manager of Tianda Pharmaceuticals (China) Ltd, Mr. Wang oversees the marketing strategy and implementation in China. Mr. Wang possesses solid clinician and pharmaceutical marketing and operations experience. Mr. Wang had served a range of pharmaceutical companies in China by taking up various senior management positions. Mr. Wang graduated from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a bachelor’s degree in medicine.

Ms. Wu Sujie -

Deputy General Manager of Tianda Pharmaceuticals (Zhuhai) Ltd, Ms. Wu oversees and manages quality control related matters. Ms. Wu possesses ample experience in quality management of pharmaceutical production because she served various senior positions in foreign and locally-listed Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises, managing over quality assurance, research & development, drug administration, procurement, logistics and so on. Ms. Wu leaded project teams few times and successfully obtained the Australia’s GMP certificate and new GMP certificate in China. Ms. Wu graduated as a Bachelor of Biology from Shaanxi Normal University, holding senior pharmaceutical engineer and licensed pharmacist qualifications.

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Audit Committee

The management staff are properly serving their roles and responsibilities by reviewing and monitoring the duties of the appointed auditor on the basis of independence, objective and validity; examining the annual and interim Financial Statements before submission for Board of Directors ‘approval; and reviewing the financial control, internal audit and risk management system of the company.

Audit Committee Members
Mr. Lam Yat Fai– INED (Chairman)
Mr. Shen Bo– NED
Mr. Chiu Sung Hong– INED
Mr. Chiu Fan Wa– INED

Nomination Committee

Set up to nominate, review and discuss about candidacy for Board of Directors, evaluate the independence of the Independent Non-Executive Director and propose appointment to the Board of Directors.

Nomination Committee Members
Mr. Fang Wen Quan – Executive Director (Chairman)
Mr. Lam Yat Fai – INED
Mr. Chiu Sung Hong– INED

Risk Management Committee

Set up to assist the Board of Directors to take heed of and make informed decision on operational risks, design the risk management strategy direction and risk control management system in an attempt to reduce the operational risk to the minimum.

Risk Management Committee members
Mr. Chiu Sung Hong – INED (Chairman)
Mr. Fang Wen Quan – Executive Director
Mr. Lam Yat Fai – INED

Remuneration Committee

Set up to propose the remuneration policy and framework for Directors and senior management staff.

Remuneration Committee Members
Mr. Chiu Sung Hong –INED(Chairman)
Mr. Fang Wen Quan – Non-Executive Director
Mr. Lam Yat Fai –INED
Mr. Chiu Fan Wa –INED



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Listed Date 30 Mar 1992

Address Level 24, CITIC Tower,
No. 1 Tim Mei Avenue,
Central, Hong Kong

Telephone (852) 2545-3313

Facsimile (852) 2545-6558

Email info@tianda.com

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