22 Jul 2019,
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    28,772.46 310.80 (1.09%)
    10,929.72 145.17 (1.35%)
    37,028.39 421.63 (1.15%)
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    9,592.77 124.56 (1.32%)
    16,948.12 247.80 (1.48%)
  • Hang Seng Index
  • 28,772.46

  • 310.80 (1.09%)
HSCI 10,929.7 145.2
HKSPLC25 37,028.4 421.6
HKSPGEM 95.7 -0.6
HSCEI 10,929.7 145.2
HSCCI 4,457.9 30.6
HSFML25 9,592.8 124.6
H-FIN 16,948.1 247.8
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China Green (Holdings) Limited, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 904), is a leading green food provider in China supplying a wide range of agricultural products including fresh produce, processed food to both domestic and international markets, and branded food to domestic market in China.

China Green (Holdings) Limited operates a unique vertically integrated business model with complete control of cultivation (seeding, growing, irrigating, fertilizing and harvesting), production (sterilizing, processing and packaging) and logistics (storage and distribution) to achieve the highest standards of product quality and safety.

The Company has attained a variety of international management and safety standards including ISO9001: 2000, HACCP and Safe Crop Certifications. It is also recognized as one of the "National Key and Leading Agricultural Enterprises" by the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China and a "National Excellent & Leading Enterprise in Food Industry" by the China Food Industry Association. In 2010, the group was recognized as a "Famous Brand in China" for its branded beverage products.

The Group has cultivation bases in different provinces in China to ensure a stable supply of quality materials for the midstream and downstream customers.

As a premium brand in the green space, The Group devotes attentive efforts into research and developments for new products every year. By combining innovation and with the support of a vertically-integrated business model to ensure product quality and safety, China Green is forging ahead towards its goal of becoming a global leader in green food.
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Mr. Sun Shao Feng - Chairman, Managing Director & Founder

Mr. Sun Shao Feng (孫少鋒), aged 45, is the Chairman, managing director and founder of the Group since its establishment. Mr. Sun is mainly responsible for the overall management, business development, strategic planning and sales and marketing functions of the Group. He has many years of management experience in the agricultural industry. Prior to joining the Group in May 1998, he had worked for the government office of Fuzhou City (福州市委). He is also a committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of the Fujian Province Quanzhou City (中國人民政治協商會議泉州市委員會) and the vice-president of the Hui An County Association of Industry and Commerce (惠安縣工商業聯合會). Mr. Sun's accomplishment is widely recognized by the PRC government. In 2000, he was accredited with the top 10 young entrepreneurs as well as the Model Labour of Quanzhou City. In 2001, he was nominated by the Central Office of the Communist Youth Group (共青團中央辦公廳) as one of the National Villages Young Entrepreneurial Leaders (全國農村青年創業致富帶頭人). He was honorably awarded the "2009 Top 10 Outstanding Chinese Agricultural Economics Industry Entrepreneurs" (「2009中國農經產業十大優秀企業家」) during the "Third Session China Agricultural Economics Industry Development Forum" (「第三屆中國農經產業發展論壇」) (the "Forum") and the "2009 China Agricultural Economics Industry Elite Ceremony" (「二零零九中國農經產業傑出人物頒獎典禮」) which are held jointly by the China Agricultural Magazine of the Agriculture Ministry (農業部中國農村雜誌社) and the China Academy of Management Science, and he was appointed as an executive of the Forum. He graduated in July 2002 from Correspondence College of the Central School of the Communist Party of China (中共中央黨校函授學院) majoring in Economics and Management.

Mr. Wang Jinhuo -

Mr. Wang Jinhuo, aged 40, currently serves as the deputy director of finance division of the Group, mainly responsible for accounting, budget management and financial management of the Group. He graduated from the University of Science and Technology Beijing majoring in financial management. Mr. Wang joined the Group in 2000 and held positions including director of investment division and director of securities division of the Group. He has over 17 years of experience in financial management. Mr. Wang did not hold any directorships in any other listed companies in the last three years.

Mr. Hu Ji Rong -

Mr. Hu Ji Rong (胡繼榮), aged 54, is an independent non-executive Director of the Company. Mr. Hu graduated from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (江西財經學院) in 1983 and obtained a master degree in Business Administration from the Open University of Hong Kong in 2000. He holds a Certified Public Accountant license in the PRC. Mr. Hu has been the deputy head of Accounting Department in the College of Management of Fuzhou University (福州大學). Mr. Hu has taken up a number of public service positions including a specially contracted auditor (特約審計員) of the Fujian Provincial Audit Office (福建省審計廳) and a committee member of the Professional Conduct Committee of Fujian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (福建省註冊會計師協會). Mr. Hu has published numerous articles and research reports in the PRC. He is also a member of each of the Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee and the Nomination Committee of the Company.

Mr. Wei Xiongwen -

Mr. Wei Xiongwen (魏雄文), aged 45, graduated from the law faculty of Peking University (now known as 'Peking University Law School') in 1988 and was awarded a bachelor's degree in laws. In 2005, he was awarded a degree of executive master of business administration by The City University London, Sir John CASS Business School. In 1989, Mr. Wei was awarded the qualification of China Lawyer practising in corporate finance, financial and capital markets, project finance, mergers and acquisitions, foreign direct investment. He is currently a partner and the head of lawyers of 上海創遠律師事務所 (Shanghai Chong Yuan Law Firm). Save as disclosed above, Mr. Wei has not held any directorship in any public listed companies in the last three years.

Mr. Zeng Shaoxiao -

Mr. Zeng Shaoxiao (曾紹校), aged 33, graduated and received his master and doctorate degree in Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, major in storage and processing of agricultural products. Currently, Mr. Zeng is a member of professors committee of College of Food Science and the dean of Nutrition and Food Safety department of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, a director of Fujian Institute of Food Science and Technology, executive director of Fujian Food Additive Association, peer review expert of National Natural Science Foundation of China. Mr. Zeng has been engaged in researches in fruit and vegetable processing, starch chemistry and function, evaluation of food safety and function, and he has been a visiting scholar of The University of Georgia for one year. In recent years, he is the major cooperator in one research program supported by Natural Science Foundation of China and two provincial research projects, and participates in several national and provincial research projects. Mr. Zeng did not hold any directorships in other listed public companies in the last three years.

Ms. Yu Xiao Min -

Ms. Yu Xiao Min (庾曉敏), aged 46, has extensive international business network and substantial management experience, particularly in manufacturing and distribution of timber, agricultural, consumer and industrial goods in The People’s Republic of China, Southeast Asia, North and South America. Ms. Yu was awarded the “Outstanding Entrepreneur of Guangdong Province” by the Guangdong Provincial Executive Association of Entrepreneurs. Ms. Yu is currently the chairlady of the board of directors and an executive director of China Asean Resources Limited, a company whose shares are listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Stock Exchange”). She holds a master’s degree in business administration. Save as disclosed above, Ms. Yu did not hold any directorships in other listed public companies in the past three years.

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Listed Date 13 Jan 2004

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